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Growing up in Arkansas, I mistakingly took its beautiful rolling hills for granted. The land, the farms, the homesteads have all been the landscape that framed my life's story. As I've settled back into my hometown with my husband and three boys, I realize just how special home is. It's the place of comfort we long for. The place where we sip a cup of hot coffee on the porch. The place where we plant our gardens and watch them grow. The place where we gather with family and friends to enjoy a meal together at a big ol' farmhouse table. And the place where we giggle with our babies and tuck them in tight under the covers. As my husband and I raise our family here in the hills of Arkansas and welcome friends and family into our home, I long for them to feel welcome here, too. 

My love for beautiful antique brass collections, aged prints, and vintage persian rugs has led to a sweet and fulfilling addiction of "junkin'." I have grown to love the thrill of the hunt and the value in another's life-long treasures. My eye is drawn to antiques, but I love to pair them with new textiles and decor in a clean, neutral palette. Homestead is here to help you marry the old with the new. We are here to curate collections that speak to you and will tell a story in your home! So take a seat, grab a cup of coffee (or pop it back in the microwave for the 3rd time if you're like me), and take a look around! Come create your homestead.

Larger furniture items as well as a small curated collection of antiques and new decor can be found at our local antique booth. Come visit us in Bentonville, AR.

True Treasures
Homestead Booth
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